Monday, March 22, 2010

Prison fashion

Who said inmates can't rock pearl studs and golden handbags?! The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Center at Nassau County Correctional Facility just got a little bit more ritzy!

More jail talk right here. :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am back - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Maybe.

So... my last post back in January was about the tragical loss (and much less tragical regrowth) of a couple of my eyelashes. Well, how's almost knocking out a couple of your teeth, as a comparison?! That's what's been the main item on my agenda with lately, not to mention NYFW a couple of weeks ago, which was also keeping me busy to some extent. This is not an entirely bad coincidence, though, as this is for sure the time when you want to be as skinny as possible - not exactly a problem, given the foods I am currently limited to eating.

I am on my way out to Brooklyn Heights to do yet another day on Gossip Girl, so this post will be nothing but a brief announcement that I have now returned to blogging on a more regular basis, in between visiting my dentist, popping painkillers and working, working, working. Not to mention eyeing some goodies on Madison Ave, that I plan to acquire as soon as the more substantial paychecks start rolling in again....

Last but not least: like my fuzzy vest in the picture? Support rural craftsmen of Himalaya, Nepal, and get your own at Nirvanna. :)

... and "see" all of you soon - if anyone's still reading, that is.
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