Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thigh high is back!

I am so excited that the over-the-knee boot is back! Thigh high boots are definitely one of my favorite wardrobe staples, since they look so good with everything from skinny jeans to mini dresses. OK, not everything. We don't care much for the slut look, right? I like to pair my thigh highs with knits or something flowy and romantic with long layered necklaces and girly bangles, to offset the sexy vibe. I even got away with dressing like that in the office back when I had a PR day job!

Due to lack of closet space, I have been forced to get rid of most of my over-the-knees (I sold two pairs to a foot fetishist on Craigslist.... um, I mean he bought them for his "wife"!), and the only ones I held on to is a classic black suede pair from The New York Look, that I got back in '04. However, now is the time to get inspired by fresh runway and editorial looks, and to take the opportunity to hit the boutiques and get the 2009 version of this really cool boot. Above is Lindsay Lohan grazing the cover of the September issue of ELLE UK, on the right is a runway look from Vivienne Westwood's Red Label, and on the left an excerpt from American ELLE's list of 25 must-haves for the fall, where over-the-knee boots were one of the magazine's top picks. From left to right, these designs can be found at Chloe, Altuzarra, LV, Delman, Christian Louboutin and TopShop Unique (this one retails for only $560!). Also, do you remember that Rodarte look (far left) from last winter's Fashion Week?

I'll pass on the brocade, the pompadour and the cutouts (even though they look awesome.... on someone else), but would kill to get my hands on that Chloe boot (designed by Hannah McGibbon). Just look at those ruffles and the little drawstring in the back! It all screams of perfection.

For those of us who cannot afford price-on-request designs, there are other options, though. Below are some of my favorite over-the-knee picks for the fall (from Miu Miu, Sergio Rossi, Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Giuseppe Zanotti and Versace). Can you tell I have a big thing for suede? One big advantage of this material is how it allows for more creativity in styling... I like to sometimes slouch my boots down to right below the knee or, for a more polished look, fold them to look like regular knee-highs. You can't really do that as easily with a leather or patent boot!

Looking forward to seeing all these fab boots in the streets this fall! :)



  1. jag skulle dööö av lycka om jag kunde ha såna. Så himla SNYGGT!!

  2. Jag vet, ar de inte underbara! Helt klart varda att svalta sig for. :)

  3. mmmm om jag börjar svälta nu så kanske de passar till nästa vinter? ;-)))

  4. Absolut. Tank pa alla hurtiga aerobics-instruktorer som pratar om Beach 2010 redan nu...

  5. Love the trend and your selections, especially that red platform boot!


  6. Thanks! Yes, isn't the red boot gorgeous? I just promised myself to not get ANOTHER pair of black boots this winter, so these might be a great option. :)

  7. such a bad ass look! though I feel like i'm a bit too short legged to rock them!

  8. I'm completely obsessed with over-the-knee boots and thigh highs, but I honestly think that I'm too short (5'1 1/2) to pull them off; thus, I've been embracing knee-highs. Though I so want an over-the-knee pair! :)

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  10. Ah yes, being short is tough sometimes... although I think some of these might work even if you're petite? I'd think you can pull them off as long as the heel is not too high, since that sometimes makes it look like you're trying too hard (paging Eva Longoria).


  11. Eek! Finding boots to fit calves was hard enough.
    Saw some lovely Miu Miu ones at Harvey Nics (I think it was Miu Miu...), and they really looked like they belonged on a catwalk model- no one bigger.
    I think this is one trend I'll have to skip. :(
    I could actually do with finding a nice pair of practical, flat, calf length ones for walking to college and back this winter.

    Florrie x

  12. I hear you... I have pretty muscular calves though (used to be a dancer) so sometimes I have my boots stretched by a shoemaker to get a better fit. :)


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