Monday, August 31, 2009

Fabulous fall trend: Feathers

Forget about those tacky, itchy boas that you can pick up for 5 bucks on St Mark's Place. This fall, quality feathers can be found everywhere from H&M to the couturiers, so get ready to indulge! Worn the right way, feathers are incredibly fun, stylish and elegant - ideally, you want to wear your plumes with solid colors and fitted silhouettes, so as to not get overwhelmed by all the fluff. Save the prints and oversize pieces for a better occasion, and accessorize with discreet jewelry (if any), rather than big, loud statement pieces. Just don't go too conservative: New York has lots of ostrich-collared, diamond-studded UES ladies already, and they're lovely but we don't need more of them!

For inspiration: D&G fall campaign (above right), behind the scenes at Burberry Prorsum (left), Gucci fall campaign (below right), Madisyn Ritland in ELLE's "Electric Company" editorial, current issue (below left). As for how to shop this trend, it is unfortunately one of the cases where a cheap knockoff will not only not work as well as the designer original, but might even actively make you look bad. I've seen some plumage on 7th Avenue, that was basically all you'd need for a night of turning tricks in the parking lot at far end Delancey. A much better option than to go with a sloppy or slutty coat like that is to splurge on a designer wrap or scarf, such as the green ostrich boa by Adrienne Landau in the ELLE editorial (retails for $295) and pair it with a more budget-friendly, but classy looking wool or cashmere piece. You can get away even cheaper with this cute pink scarf from Schumacher (below) - get it for 40 bucks or so at!

Alternatively, head out to the Garment District (if you live in NY!) and pick up some plumes of your own choice to embellish a plain dress, cardigan or coat. Go for the luxe, expensive looking feathers, such as peacock and ostrich. This is a great way to update a boring little black dress or a basic wrap cardigan!

Feathers also make for amazing accessories. Remember Erin Wasson's famed headband at the Chanel "Night of Diamonds' dinner at The Plaza last winter? An alternative to the hippie-esque headband is the little peacock hair pin that is so popular right now. I like the pieces below, from Avila, Dahlia and Lori Vintage (all available at Also check out the necklaces from Forever 21 and Miss KK (the latter at, below the Etsy stuff.

As for myself, I'm wearing mini peacock earrings today and I'm lovin' it! Also, totally unrelated, I just passed by Bryant Park on my way home and they're super busy setting up the tent over there. Nice!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thigh high is back!

I am so excited that the over-the-knee boot is back! Thigh high boots are definitely one of my favorite wardrobe staples, since they look so good with everything from skinny jeans to mini dresses. OK, not everything. We don't care much for the slut look, right? I like to pair my thigh highs with knits or something flowy and romantic with long layered necklaces and girly bangles, to offset the sexy vibe. I even got away with dressing like that in the office back when I had a PR day job!

Due to lack of closet space, I have been forced to get rid of most of my over-the-knees (I sold two pairs to a foot fetishist on Craigslist.... um, I mean he bought them for his "wife"!), and the only ones I held on to is a classic black suede pair from The New York Look, that I got back in '04. However, now is the time to get inspired by fresh runway and editorial looks, and to take the opportunity to hit the boutiques and get the 2009 version of this really cool boot. Above is Lindsay Lohan grazing the cover of the September issue of ELLE UK, on the right is a runway look from Vivienne Westwood's Red Label, and on the left an excerpt from American ELLE's list of 25 must-haves for the fall, where over-the-knee boots were one of the magazine's top picks. From left to right, these designs can be found at Chloe, Altuzarra, LV, Delman, Christian Louboutin and TopShop Unique (this one retails for only $560!). Also, do you remember that Rodarte look (far left) from last winter's Fashion Week?

I'll pass on the brocade, the pompadour and the cutouts (even though they look awesome.... on someone else), but would kill to get my hands on that Chloe boot (designed by Hannah McGibbon). Just look at those ruffles and the little drawstring in the back! It all screams of perfection.

For those of us who cannot afford price-on-request designs, there are other options, though. Below are some of my favorite over-the-knee picks for the fall (from Miu Miu, Sergio Rossi, Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, Balenciaga, Giuseppe Zanotti and Versace). Can you tell I have a big thing for suede? One big advantage of this material is how it allows for more creativity in styling... I like to sometimes slouch my boots down to right below the knee or, for a more polished look, fold them to look like regular knee-highs. You can't really do that as easily with a leather or patent boot!

Looking forward to seeing all these fab boots in the streets this fall! :)


Friday, August 28, 2009

Where to shop this weekend!

I know, I know.... last season's clothes are so, uh, last season. But personal style is (obviously) not about wearing pieces of the moment from head to toe, always carrying the latest it bag or being a follower with a big checkbook, expensive taste but no imagination. Like what you like, know what looks good on you and make sure to stock up whenever your favorite staples happen to be in style and you can actually get them in stores!

This might just be one of my (lame) arguments as to why it's OK to invest in jumpsuits, crochet minis and overknee boots to the extent that your closet looks like the marriage between Studio 54 and the Missoni factory... but I think I do have a point?! Check out this weekend's sample sales and go knock yourself out! It's raining and we can all use a pick-me-up.


When: today through Monday, see for hours
Where: 203 Grand b/w Bedford & Driggs, Williamsburg

Definitely go there today if you can, so you don't have to deal with the weekend L! They're carrying clothing, shoes, jewelry, cards and other stuff by plenty of designers, so there's a little bit of everything for everyone. Below: a couple of finds at slashed prices from (clockwise starting with the black jumpsuit) 3.1 Philip Lim, Mina Perhonen, Rachel Comey, Epice, 3.1 Philip Lim and Loeffler Randall.

Built by Wendy
When: today through Monday, see for hours
Where: 46 N. 6th St b/w Kent & Wythe, Williamsburg

I love Wendy Mullins's designs and will never forget my first purchase from her boutique: a tee with a cute deer print that I wore to death! This year's spring collection did not disappoint either: expect a good amount of striped boatnecks, jumper dresses and cutesy shirts. And they're all heavily discounted, so you can allow yourself to cab it over the bridge instead of having to wait and wait and wait for the L on the way back home!

When: Today 9am-8pm, tomorrow 9am-6pm
Where: Metropolitan Pavilion, 125 W 18th b/w 6 & 7 Aves

These big warehouse sample sales are usually quite painful - as in big crowds, general hysteria, impossible to see the clothes since they are so tightly packed on the racks and there are so many crazy women in your way. Forget about actually trying something on... think grab and go. In other words, even though I love most of the designers Intermix carries (Elizabeth & James (pictured, left), Stella, Matthew Williamson just to name a few), I'm going to pass on this one... I'll just go to the boutique on Bleecker and check out the fall stuff instead. If you do however decide on going to the Met, I'd say wear flats and leave your boyfriend at home! ;)

Temperley London
When: Today and tomorrow 11am-7pm
Where: 453 Broome b/w Greene & Mercer, 2nd Fl.

Get ready for ruffles, embellishments and fringes. What's there not to love? All you grown-up princesses who still adore flowy, boho, angelic and ethereal should head down to SoHo ASAP and get yourselves some marked down Temperley. While you're at it, check out the fall collection too... the lookbook is fabulous and I can't wait to see the pieces in real life as well!


Everything that glitters...

I am a huge fan of glittery accessories. Obviously, golden sandals and metallic clutches are staples in everyone and their mothers' closets for partying and other PM activities. I, on the other hand, am not really a party girl anymore but love to rather incorporate the glitz in my day looks... in moderation, that is. I am talking a goldish purse or wide belt, some statement jewelry or whatever you might be in the mood for, paired with solid, neutral colors and silhouettes... not the Christmas tree look. Unless you're Ivana, maybe. Then everything goes!

Once in a while, though, I get cravings for cute, metallic evening bags. You can never own too many of them, right? On set of Gossip Girl the other day, I spotted a golden Chanel evening purse that wardrobe had given Leighton for one of her scenes, and I fell in love immediately. It kind of looked like a 2.55, yet not... I didn't get the chance to check it out that thoroughly and could obviously not take a picture (way to get yourself fired!), but if you follow the show, check it out in an upcoming episode where she is yelling at a college rep in a gay bar, and you'll see what I mean. Must. Have. Now.

Other glitzy evening purses I like right now are, from left to right below, Mary Norton's "Red Carpet Classic" Ginny Top Handle Satin Pouchette, Judith Leiber's "Heart N Soul" Evening Bag and Gucci's "Hysteria" Clutch. I am not 100 % sure of the Leiber, as it has that borderline costume-y look going on and might not be that wearable unless you want to look like a 5-year-old Paris Hilton. But if it makes you smile, rather than cringe... then why not? Maybe if I was on Blair Waldorf's budget.

Have a good weekend, everyone!
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