Monday, May 30, 2011

Braving spring allergies in my namesake dress

No sleep last night... hello puffy eyes and stuffed throat. I almost feel like going out in my jammies (only getting ice coffee and a banana) but felt like I need to make some kind of effort in case the paparazzi show up...! :D

  • dress: "Malin" dress from Delia's - yes, it was indeed named after yours truly and designed with my style in mind!
  • shoes: DKNY
  • purse: vintage find
  • sunglasses: Coach
  • bracelets: Judith's Jewelry
  • necklace: bought it from a broke-ass girl who was selling half of her closet on Craigslist after she lost her job during the recession
Quite a mix-and-match... I hope anyone who's reading this is not feeling as crappy as I am right now! xo


  1. I love tired white summer dresses like the Malin dress from Delia's you're modeling. I have allergies too but I stayed inside all day. I'll probably go out and get all sneezy with itchy eyes tomorrow though. Hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the late spring and early summer. It can be beautiful out.

  2. Oops! I did a typo and didn't proof-read my comment enough. I meant to say I like "tiered" white summer dresses, not "tired" ones. Sorry...

  3. Thank you and yes, I am a little better now thanks to the meds... still love that dress even though it's 5 years old. Something about the waistline - it's high enough to flatter/elongate your legs, but without being empire-y. Not that I don't love empire cut frocks... but there is a time and place for everything. :)

  4. The dress looks adorable, is it simple cotton or lace? I adore white during spring and summer, it looks great with a tan or with a nice pop of neon.

  5. It's actually just cotton! I think it was modeled after a Malandrino dress that was in lace, although I'm not quite sure. And yes, dressing up white with neon or other brights always works... now I have to go work on that tan too...


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