Monday, May 30, 2011

Braving spring allergies in my namesake dress

No sleep last night... hello puffy eyes and stuffed throat. I almost feel like going out in my jammies (only getting ice coffee and a banana) but felt like I need to make some kind of effort in case the paparazzi show up...! :D

  • dress: "Malin" dress from Delia's - yes, it was indeed named after yours truly and designed with my style in mind!
  • shoes: DKNY
  • purse: vintage find
  • sunglasses: Coach
  • bracelets: Judith's Jewelry
  • necklace: bought it from a broke-ass girl who was selling half of her closet on Craigslist after she lost her job during the recession
Quite a mix-and-match... I hope anyone who's reading this is not feeling as crappy as I am right now! xo

Sunday, May 29, 2011

I am back!

Today's outfit:
  • Sandals: Elizabeth & James
  • Denim cutoffs: Delia's
  • Fringed top: Forever 21
  • Sunglasses: Coach
  • Bag: Coach
  • Crochet earrings: my stylish colleague Nubia :)
  • Bangles: cheap 14th St street vendor crap
Will keep the blog simple for now due to lack of time... more to come.
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