Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bryant Park drama

These people were camping outside of the tent in Bryant Park yesterday. I say whatever! If you ever meet me in person, ask me what my opinion is on the "feed the models" debate....

On a more positive note, Nanette Lepore was showing her SS10 on the Promenade and there was a lot of color, prints, fringes and fun sleeves. I could write a novel about it, but have a call time in about an hour, so I will leave you with my favorite from the collection and a silent promise to myself to get my hands on that dress when it hits the stores!



  1. i just came home from camp! its was terrible HAHAHA. oh and whats the 'feed the models debate' about? i could use that in my debate for school.
    and to your 'about me' CAN WE BE FRIENDS?
    we have so much in common :D
    thou shall follow

  2. Oh, good for you you're back home! Haha! About the debate... I have seen models who eat like truck drivers and models who subsist on a peanut a day or so. It's so tiring when people start generalizing -- we're all different and that goes for models as well as non-models.

  3. That's a lovely dress...

    I always think that models can eat like truck drivers because of their metabolism. Normally, they start their diets when there's a show coming up.

  4. sweet dress, and i love the makeup and shoes!
    thanks for posting :)

  5. i totally agree, there are a ton of healthy models who arent anorexic looking, its just a minority that give them a bad reputation! grr silly girls...

    and also, feed the models? kinda patronizing!

    gaawgeous dress though ;)


  6. Oh ! what a lovely dress !

  7. Love Nanette! I saw her on the Today Show the other day with her tips for fall. Great post and thanks for the comment!


  8. I can't believe people were picketing with those signs - it's almost as bad as seeing people wear those DON'T FEED THE MODELS t-shirts. :)

  9. love your blog :) I enjoyed the post about the denim cut-offs and all the different outfits you created

  10. Am glad you put some Nanette Lepore in - was it a good show. The dress looks good.

  11. The Feed the Models debate? I didn't know there was such a debate. I was once told that for clothes to look their best, a model with a small frame and long legs and significant height is best? I'd say the fashion people know best. I can only speak for myself in saying that I'm part envious that these women are thinner than I'll ever be and part sad for them if they do have to sacrifice great food...but heck, making all that money, I'd say they're laughing all the way to the bank!

  12. I could not agree more! Fashion looks fantastic on 5'11 size 0/2 models with long legs and great cheekbones. I wish I was born like that myself! :)


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