Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Window shopping: what would Carrie Bradshaw do?

"Sex and the City II" started filming today and I think this warrants a little nod to Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends. I know, it's been over five years since the show went off the air and it has in many ways lost its magic since then. These days you can get Manolos for $60 at your local consignment shop, Magnolia has line-free locations at Columbus Ave and Rockefeller C, and you're using your old baby blue "I'm a Charlotte" tank as a dishwash towel (everyone who says they didn't buy one of those tanks is a liar). And more importantly, at least I don't relate as much to the ladies and their problems anymore.... I guess that is one thing to be thankful for!

But at the end of the day -- who cares about the plot, the sometimes subpar acting, and whether it was "realistic" or not that a freelance writer had a fancy Manhattan 2br, a designer packed closet, and friends who always had time for brunch, coffee and cocktails.... come on, we were all watching the show (and the first movie) for the fashions! The wardrobe and the styling were iconic, mind blowing, to die for!

My favorite looks on Carrie out of those pictured here are probably the hotpants /newsboy cap combo and the empire waisted tunic with a purple cardigan on top -- I think she wore the tunic/cardi to the movies with Aidan... or am I horribly wrong? Regardless, it was one of SJP's better (and more wearable!) looks on the show during her pregnancy.

Both of these outfits are so effortless and easy to wear, and don't really require a big wallet either. I am not so sure about pairing hotpants with pumps, though.... platform sandals or equestrian boots are usually my footwear of choice for styling a day look incorporating these short shorts.

Furthermore, I have realized lately that I am somewhat inspired not only by Carrie's sartorial choices, but also her outlook on life. Just because you are a broke freelancer, you should not deny yourself the finer things in life, such as an apartment you cannot afford, waiting list designer handbags and cocktails at the Plaza! And for an unexpected day off, what could possibly be a better way to spend your time than to go window shopping in the West Village, SoHo and NoLiTa? On the right are some storefronts that caught my eye when I was strolling from boutique to boutique with my dog today: Kit 228 (Elizabeth & Prince), Ralph Lauren (Bleecker & Charles, check out those pinstripe shorts!), Intermix (Bleecker & 10th). All of them well worth visiting!

And last but not least, the mirror image of yours truly in the midst of photographing the Alexis Bittar window display on Bleecker Street. Please note my denim cutoffs, Miss Me boho blouse and chunky 80s jewelry. Let's hope Ms Bradshaw would have approved!




  2. I love her too! I can't wait to see what wardrobe they pulled for her in the new film. :)


  3. Love this post! Am so psyched to see all the fab fashions in the next film!


  4. The pinstripe shorts are nice, but I'm more taken with the boots. I die! And no talk of Alexis Bittar...oh what I would give to own each and every Alexis Bittar ring ever created! :)

  5. I actually liked some of Carrie's more outlandish outfits just because they were just so crazy it fit with the fantasy of having a HUGE NY apartment and friends with endless free time. Definitely agree with newsboy hat and hot pants look - no pumps necessary :).

  6. CC: Absolutely! They're currently casting for an 80s flashback street scene... guess if I'm dying to see those outfits? :)

    Erika: I know! I'm in a necklace phase right now, though, and that window display had some real gems, for example that black floral piece.... don't even get me started on those boots!

    AsianCajuns: I totally agree, after all the crazier looks were the ones that gave the show its cult status... on the other hand, I love when you can translate an outfit into something wearable. And I'm just not brave enough to walk around in the city draped in fishnet and tulle, and with a bird's nest on my head! :D

  7. I'm living for May! And I think Ms. Bradshaw would adore the sequin Gryphon shorts that are out. No?

  8. I definitely think so too! She would wear them well, that's for sure. :)


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