Sunday, September 6, 2009

Favorite wardrobe staple: denim cut-offs

One of my absolute favorite wardrobe staples is the denim cutoff short! Let alone cutoffs are typically not glam/dressy enough for the evening (depending on where you are headed, of course...) and that the only workplace where they may be worn is your home office -- I still find them highly versatile and wearable for most other occasions! I recently got a new pair from Delia's (Taylor low-cut fit, dark wash, about $25), then proceeded to vigourously shop my closet... and came up with a myriad of different, varied looks. Below are some faves that I've been wearing a lot out on the town in the last couple of weeks.

Note that if you're not the skin-showing type, all of these outfits work just as well (or possibly better) with denim capris or skinnies. Also, it's definitely getting colder now so it might be time to ditch the cutoffs anyway, but I'll probably try to get some more milage out of mine before it's time to put them in winter storage: flat boots and layering will do the trick!

  • low cut red/creme stripy cotton tie-bow top -- Nanette Lepore
  • silver flower necklace and rhinestone studs -- Dyrberg & Kern
  • fake silver bangles that I kept after a job
  • pink velvet ballet flats -- Zigi
  • grass green Coach Madeline tote with scarf decoration
This look is pretty safe and it's hard to go wrong with it, as long as you're keeping an eye on how many different colors you add to the mix. I've found, though, that replacing the pink flats with plain tan Repettos allows for adding some fun and less conservative jewelry without looking too busy. Never hurts to break up the prep a little bit. :)

  • embroidered, bell-sleeved linen blouse -- street fair in Santorini, Greece
  • layered silver heart medallion necklace -- Urban Outfitters
  • feather dangle earrings -- street vendor, SoHo
  • Minnetonka fringe boots -- Sophie Roan
  • puppy (optional) -- Angel, Chinese Crested Powderpuff
  • woven bag with leather handle -- WWF store,

I love the boho look and always try to work it into my outfits, even when it's not really in style. I own about ten boho/hippie tops that I keep on rotation: all kinds of sleeves from bell to flutter to fringe, a multitude of colors, smock, embellishments and embroideries, and styles ranging from street fair to high street department store.

A more current take on this look might be to lose the necklace, add a scarf (lavender or powder pink would be my choice) and replace the Minnetonkas with a fall '09 boot. However, these moccasins were an anniversary gift last fall from my boyfriend, so I have a hard time letting go of them. I might keep wearing them and chalk it up to personal style! :)

For a more polished boho look, I will wear something like this (pictured left):

  • white flutter modal top -- Soixante Neuf
  • mint Anthropologie "Stormy Sea" necklace
  • floral crochet scarf used as belt -- street vendor, SoHo
  • lose the feathers, keep the boots, bag and pup!

Hippie luxe:

  • pink flowy polyester smock top -- Joyce Leslie
  • olive green sequined wrap cardigan -- Miss Me
  • gold/black chunky charm necklace -- Craigslist find
  • embellished tan suede wedges -- Dr Scholl
  • black quilted ice leather hobo bag with gold chain strap -- Marc Jacobs

You can easily dress up your hippie/boho look by pairing a romantic, flowy top with a snug cardi and, more importantly, throwing an expensive handbag into the mix. In general, I enjoy mixing and matching high- and low-end items, as it makes for more of a challenge and looks a little bit more effortless than just draping yourself in this week's Bergdorf purchases from head to toe. I actually tried this look last week on set of "White Collar" (picture on the left) -- note how I'm channeling that SJP preggo outfit that I paid homage to last week! By the way, I'm happy to let everyone know that this forgiving look works just as well to cover up a temporary belly (pigging out in craft services, anyone?) as it does to hide pregnancy.

Beach and the city:
  • unicorn rhinestone cotton halter with tartan plaid ribbons -- Anna Sui
  • chunky silver chain bracelet -- Scoop
  • studded rhinestone belt -- Forever 21
  • multi-color fuzzy platform slippers -- DKNY
  • color blocked bamboo handle summer bag: FAB 208
I tried this look the other day for running errands in the morning, and going to the beach in the afternoon. I know it's a lot of skin to show, but what choice do you have in 90F humid heat? Fortunately, lack of makeup, excessive jewelry and heels significantly tones down the sex appeal of an outfit like this, so you can actually wear it in the streets without getting too many cat calls (from men) or death stares (from women). Moreover, losing the belt and the bracelet and tossing them in the bag gets you ready for Coney Island -- no need to stop by at home and change!

  • lavender structured viscose rayon sheath top -- Caractere /NK Stockholm
  • gold statement necklace -- French Connection
  • golden crochet scarf used as belt -- some cheap store on Broadway in the 20s
  • clip-on earrings that I wore in a commercial and "forgot" to return
  • fuzzy platform leopard heels -- Steve Madden
  • burgundy fake Birkin tote -- street vendor, Chinatown

I could not resist trying the dreaded hotpants and pumps combo, even though I am usually not a fan of pairing heels and shorts before sunset (or at all). The key to keeping this look in check is the muted colors on top, the solid sheath and the classic handbag (if you can call a knockoff "classic"... just pretend it's a real Birkin), which all compensate for the animal print, the heels and the leggy shorts. Omitting the necklace tones down the hoochie-ness even further, but we don't want to get too boring, right? Fashion is about taking risks sometimes, even if it's just a little tiny one!


  • turquoise long-sleeved merino top -- Nanette Lepore
  • red elastic belt with statement buckle -- Forever 21
  • yellow flower cuff bracelet -- 80s vintage
  • dangling turquoise/yellow earrings -- Pilgrim
  • black leather wooden studded platforms -- Calvin Klein
  • golden tote with mesh detail -- Deux Lux
I always enjoy experimenting with bright colors as well as metallics (both very much in style right now) and I think this look works great for a cooler early September day. A fab fall alternative to the platforms is a slouchy flat suede boot.... I adore this one by Alice + Olivia for Payless (left). However by adding it, I would possibly have to drop that red belt so as to not go overboard with color and detail.... or maybe carry another handbag. The only way to find out is to buy it and try it, right?

How do you prefer to wear your cut-offs? Let me know! XOXOXO


  1. I actually don't really wear my cut-offs often. If I wear them then I'm doing something active like hiking or going to a football game. So I wear mine with a t-shirt.

  2. Ah yeah, me too, but I like dressing them up as well! I never miss out on an opportunity to deck myself out. :)

  3. I love denim cut-off shorts. I always go for the boho look with sandals or just flip-flops. I live in the tropics that's why. But I do accessorize a lot.

  4. I love sandals and flipflops too... I bought a pair of these golden strappy flat sandals that were popular this summer, but then realized I would like to have more than just a thin sole between my bare feet and the NYC streets! LOL

  5. Awesome. I'm almost 39, so I think my short-short days are behind me!

  6. All great looks - well put together. I wore a hole in my Lucky jeans and as you can't get them in the UK I made them my cut offs and have worked them. It is such a good look. I like that you smartened it up to a preppy look with the Nanette Lepore top.

  7. Stephanie: haha, I'll tell you my real age one of these days! Thank God us actresses only need to specify age ranges.

    Make Do Style: Thank you! We are so lucky here in the US, you can buy cutoffs everywhere. I grew up overseas and could never get it right when I tried to create my own from an old pair of jeans!

  8. Fabulous looks, darling! Now that it's fall I'd just trade the cutoffs for skinnies!


  9. Thanks, hun! Yes, that's indeed what I intend to do. I might ditch that beachy look though... it was fun in August, but now, not so much!

  10. I adore denim cutoffs - I wear them with cognac riding boots and flowy tank tops. It's a very bohemian, free-spirited look. Love this post! :)

  11. Riding boots are awesome... another favorite staple of mine. :)

  12. Love the green bag from the Preppy outfit and the heart necklace from the Boho outfit!

  13. They were both gifts from my bf... he has pretty good taste. :)

  14. What an incredible post Miss Cookie, I loved each and every section! And of course one must try out a bag, is there another way to ascertain one's fondness for it? (Heh-heh.)

    Enjoy the week ahead!

  15. These are awesome boots! I'll def have to look out for them at payless - great find!

  16. tb: Thanks, and most definitely! Nothing like finding another excuse to get a new bag or a pair of shoes. :D

    LifestyleBohemia: Do check them out, they're only 49 bucks!

  17. Now to just have the gams to wear those. Ah ha. I'm dying over that gorgeous mint Anthro necklace!

  18. Great post! Love all the different ways you've found to style them - definitely illustrating their versatility well! I usually wear mine with baggy t-shirts to balance the silhouette.

  19. I must admit that I feel out of place in this blog of yours but I'm here anyhow not just as a matter of courtesy, but of course as an old blog pal from good ol' metrobloggen days. Judging from all the google ads, no doubt you made it here girl! Nice work! :D

  20. Thanks everyone! :)

    Off to Philly now for work!

  21. absolutely adorable, especially the preppy version — that's like what i wear every day!!

  22. I love the outfits you put together. They're all so cute. I especially love the preppy one.


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