Friday, June 24, 2011

Making your signature style more casual

What if you have a full day of castings, voice class and a chiropractor visit, and are craving pearls, chain strap bags, powder pink mixed with black, pencil dresses... but need to be comfy and able to move fast from appointment to appointment without losing your cool or getting bleeding blisters? Not to mention, most of your castings call for a "casual" look? Well, you compromise!
  • jeans: Miss Me
  • powder pink t-shirt: H&M
  • black cardigan: Flash (chain store in Sweden)
  • sandals: ShoeDazzle
  • silver necklace and earrings: old stuff that I've had forever... couldn't really wear any statement pieces for what I was doing today
  • chain/pearl belt: some cheap wholesale store on 6 Ave in the 30s (you know, one of those where you can "only make a purchase if you're a wholesaler" but as soon as you wave a couple of dollar bills in the owner's face, he'll let you buy whatever you want :D)
  • chain strap bag: Kate Spade


  1. Casual is always good!! Love it!

  2. Lovely casual look!
    Those shoes are fabulous!


  3. Gorgeous sandals!


  4. So lovely!

    You've got a really nice blog, maybe you'd like to follow each other?


  5. I LOVE your chain/pearl belt - so pretty! :)

  6. Love the sparkly shoes and simple accessories. A a pair of great diamond hoop earrings could also work:

  7. Thanks everyone. :)

    Marilyn, you are so right! Love that link, could spend a fortune right there!

    Emilija, thanks hun, I just became a follower! ;)

  8. I prefer a casual look, I call it Effortless Chic! It's more real and true to yourself.


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