Sunday, June 19, 2011

Not a very glamourous day

This is how happy I look when I have to spend my Sunday sifting through the aisles of Home Depot, trying to figure out whether Krud Kutter, Greased Lightning, Goof Off or Goo Gone is the best choice for removing permanent marker from clothing.... instead of catching a Vinyasa class and then going to the park. My boyfriend, the accomplished graffiti artist, had gotten Sharpie on his new Lucky Brand jeans and as the lady of the house, it was my job to take care of it. Le sigh...
  • halter crochet dress: can't remember the designer - got to keep it after I worked for her as a showroom model at Coterie
  • feather earrings: street vendor on Astor Place
  • bracelets: Judith's Jewelry
  • tote & shades: Coach
  • shoes: not visible but I'm wearing golden strappy sandals!
And if anyone wants to know, all those stain removers that I mentioned above can suck it...! I had no luck with either of them, but got the stain out completely (without damaging the fabric or stripping out any of the blue denim color) by using Garnier Fructis hairspray and a fair amount of paper towels. Who'd have thought!? :)


  1. You still look very chic!


  2. Busy day or not, you look fabulous! :)

  3. cute dress!!

  4. i love finding outside-of-the box solutions for things! & you look so cute in your crochet dress, i lvoe that style for summer!


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