Thursday, June 2, 2011

On- and off-duty

On the right: 6AM earlier today, on my way to my part time TV job. Refusing to wear a suit, as usual...
  • dress: my very first LBD that I bought as a teenager at a small boutique back home... it's still looking pretty good! :)
  • belt: Charlotte Russe
  • heels: Steve Madden (I wisened up and changed into ballerina flats right after I took the picture - don't want the sound guy to hate me)
  • pearl necklace: high school graduation gift from my parents
  • pearl earrings: gift from my Mom
  • bag: Kate Spade
  • sunglasses: Coach
And on the left: later at night, on my way out to enjoy the evening with the boyfriend and our puppy.
  • jeans: Arden B
  • top: Filippa K
  • sneakers: Champion - got to keep them after a runway show that I did... I'm aware that sneakers are frowned upon by fashion editors and their entourage, but guess how much I care? They're perfect for the doggie park. :)
  • bag: same chain strap tote from Kate Spade that I used earlier in the day!
Also, I lost the pearl necklace but kept the earrings. Why not, right?


  1. Great outfits!!!

  2. I love the sound of all your outfits. Am a big fan of Kate Spade, too. Enjoy the weekend.

  3. The look on the left is tres Holly GoLightly - love it! :)

  4. Love both looks, you know how goofy I am for a nice strand of pearls, not to mention my adoration of Kate Spade. :)

    More than anything I love reading you again.

    Sending smiles and a hug,

  5. Gorgeous looks!
    Love your LBD!



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