Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank God for empire dresses...

Feeling super fat and bloated after having done three long days/nights on set with no sleep and nothing to eat but junk (yeah, you can only have so much fruit and veggies before you want something "real" and then you're stuck with all the stuff that is loaded with fat, sugar or sodium... ugh). Betsey Johnson to your rescue!!!

  • empire dress: Betsey Johnson
  • butterfly necklace: Mandee
  • silk floral earrings: Pilgrim
  • tote & shades: Coach
  • shoes: fitflops (I have a 4 hour walk coming up, so I don't really have a choice!)
Happy Sunday, everyone. :)


  1. You look great!! Love your dress!!

  2. I hear you on empire dresses - they are my favorite for Thanksgiving...and the week after! :)

  3. empire dresses are perfect!


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